Principal Investigator

EarnshawValerie A Earnshaw, PhD

My interest in social psychological research was sparked when I was an undergraduate at the Pennsylvania State University and had the opportunity to work with Drs. Sarah Gervais and Terri Vescio as a research assistant on projects related to prejudice, power, and objectification. This work inspired me to earn a PhD in social psychology at the University of Connecticut under the mentorship of Dr. Diane Quinn. During this time, I pursued coursework and research opportunities to understand of how stigma impacts individuals. I also earned graduate certificates in health psychology and quantitative research methods. Through this training, I obtained a theoretical background in stigma and health processes, as well as methodological and statistical skills with which to study stigma and health.

I developed a foundation in HIV science via pre- and postdoctoral training. I completed predoctoral training via the NIMH Social Processes of HIV/AIDS Training Program at the University of Connecticut (T32MH074387) under the mentorship of Dr. Seth Kalichman. I then pursued postdoctoral training via the NIMH Interdisciplinary HIV Prevention Training Program at Yale University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (T32MH020031) under the mentorship of Dr. Jeannette Ickovics. I spent two years as an Instructor at Harvard Medical School and Associate Scientific Researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital, where I received early career training in child- and family-centered outcomes research (K12HS022986) under the mentorship of Dr. Laura Bogart.

I am currently an Assistant Professor and Faculty Scholar in Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Delaware. My research aims to understand and intervene in the relationship between stigma and health inequities. Much of my work focuses on people at risk of or living with chronic illnesses including HIV, but I also work with other socially marginalized and devalued groups.

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Lab Members

Julie Bender

Julie is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware. She is a Cognitive Science major with a specialization in Speech and Language Pathology and has minors in Psychology, Disability Studies, and Human Development & Family Studies. She hopes to go on to obtain a Master’s Degree and eventually work in schools as a Speech and Language Pathologist. At the University of Delaware, she is currently involved in the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association, the American Sign Language Club, and the University of Delaware Alternative Break Program. She also works as an Office Assistant at the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and as a Research Assistant for the Stigma and Health Inequities Lab. By working for this lab, she hopes to gain valuable knowledge that will be useful when helping her clients in the future. In her free time, Julie loves to travel, volunteer, and spend time with her friends and family.

Jacque Buck

Jacque is an undergraduate student from the University of Delaware pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a Clinical Services concentration and minors in Sociology and Medical Social Services. In previous semesters, she has interned at the Newark Senior Center, primarily with the ‘Meeting of Minds’ group for seniors with early memory loss. She is currently working as a research assistant to Dr. Valerie Earnshaw in her Stigma and Health Inequities Lab to gain experience in research methods and understanding of how stigma correlates with health outcomes. Other areas of interest include mental health, public health, geriatric care, and navigating health care systems to connect patients and families to proper resources. In the future, Jacque hopes to continue research and attend graduate school abroad. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys volunteering, writing, and singing classic rock at the top of her lungs.

jesse-chen-180x180Jesse Chen

Jesse is a graduate from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology with experience in researching stereotypes, implicit and explicit biases, and racial biases. He is currently working on his Education Specialist degree in School Psychology at the University of Delaware and works as a graduate assistant to Dr. Valerie Earnshaw. He is interested in providing the resources needed and developing ways for children to get the most out of their learning experience in the education system. Along with his past research, he also hopes to develop different preventative interventions to stop racial and cultural based bullying in schools. Outside of his academics and work, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and cooking.

Elizabeth Carly Hill

Carly is currently a student at the University of Delaware as a Health Sciences major and a minor in Medical Social Services. With this degree, she would like to pursue a career as a licensed clinical social worker. When not in the classroom, Elizabeth enjoys live music shows, cooking and reading.

Katie Tarantowicz

Katie is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware. She has a concentration in Speech and Language Pathology, and minors in Disability Studies and Psychology. She plans to attend Graduate School in order to earn a Master’s Degree in her field. In the future, she aspires to work as a Speech Language Pathologist in a school setting. She is presently working for Dr. Earnshaw as a Research Assistant for her Stigma and Health Inequities Lab to gain experience in research practices and broaden her knowledge of how stigma corresponds to health inequities. She is involved in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association, and the American Sign Language club. In her free time, she likes to volunteer, sketch, and play the piano.

Past Lab Members


David Menino

David is a recent Bachelor of Science in Psychology graduate from Brown University with experience in sexual health and substance abuse education, HIV testing and risk reduction counseling, community outreach, and research.  He is passionate about improving the health outcomes of disadvantaged populations by increasing access to, and quality of, information, services, support, and care.  Given his experiences working closely with individuals whose lives have been affected by poverty, homelessness, addiction, and communicable diseases, he has developed a keen interest in understanding social factors related to the distribution/prevalence of these diseases (e.g. addiction, HIV/STIs, and Hepatitis C) and how to best provide and/or design services that effectively improve the health and treatment outcomes of these individuals.  In his free time, David enjoys endurance running, practicing Tae Kwon Do, and cooking.

Overall, David intends on culminating these experiences by pursuing a career in either medicine or research, or a combination thereof.

He can be reached at: