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HIV Stigma Framework

I developed the HIV Stigma Framework with Dr. Stephenie Chaudoir to describe how HIV stigma is experienced by individual people living with and without HIV as a series of stigma mechanisms that impact their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Stigma and HIV Disparities Model

In collaboration with Drs. Laura Bogart, Jack Dovidio, and David Williams, I developed the Stigma and HIV Disparities Model to describe how societal stigma related to race and ethnicity is associated with racial/ethnic HIV disparities via its manifestations at the structural level (e.g., residential segregation) as well as the individual level among perceivers (e.g., discrimination) and targets (e.g., internalized stigma).

Chronic Illness Anticipated Stigma Scale (CIASS)

The Chronic Illness Anticipated Stigma Scale (CIASS) measures anticipated stigma (expectations of experiencing discrimination from others in the future) among people living with chronic illnesses. The CIASS differentiates between three sources of stigma within three subscales: friends and family, work colleagues, and healthcare workers.